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Personal Security when locked out of your vehicle



We have all seen and heard the warnings about being aware of our surroundings when out in public, but, have you ever thought about all of the scenerios that you should be aware of if your locked out of your vehicle? Being locked out of your vehicle in a public place can make you a target to someone looking to rob you, this is especially true if you get locked out at night, but if your locked out during the daytime dont let the fact that it is light out lure into a sense of false security.

We mention on our website at that if your locked out of your car to check your surroundings and if there is the slightest doubt about your security, to go into a local business to wait for us to arrive and we will call you when we arrive at your vehicle. This practice can and should be used if in need of other types of roadside assistance such as waiting for a wrecker or delivery of gas or jump starts. Your safety should be the first concern when in an emergency situation. The following is a list of things to consider when you find yourself in trouble.

The first and one of the most important things you can do is to always carry a cell phone on you. Not only will it allow you to call for help, but it will make it easier for you to relocate to a safer place while waiting for help and still be contacted when it is safe to return to your vehicle. It is also helpful to have phone numbers for a trusted local locksmith, towing company, insurance company and other emergency numbers you may need in an emergency stored in your cell phone. 1 Able Locksmith has a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone. This code automatically stores our phone number in your phone when it is scanned and allows you to save and use the number when needed. Your nerves are likely to be rattled when you find yourself in a situation and having your emergency numbers stored in your phone will not only save you time but will be cause less stress for you during your emergency.

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The next thing to look at as you are locked out of your vehicle is the amount of people and vehicles around you. Obviously if there are a lot of other people around you are a little safer than if your in an abandoned parking lot alone, but make note of the people around you and make sure that the activity you see is normal. For instance if your in a shopping mall parking lot and you see a man standing next to a vehicle or just walking around the lot, that man is not behaving like a normal shopper would in a parking lot. He’s not loading bags into his trunk or walking to his car to leave. His lack of normal activity should draw your attention and give you reason for concern. It could be he is waiting for his wife to finish shopping but you should never take that chance, he could be waiting for his next victim. If the location you are locked out in is known to have security guards, make that guard aware that you are having a problem and are waiting for help. If you are in an area that has no security guards you can let a store clerk, manager or another shopper know you are having trouble and ask them to keep their eyes open. Let someone else around you know you are having an emergency issue so if the worst happens you have backup until help arrives.

The other vehicles around you are an important issue to consider even if there are a lot of other people around you. Be very leery of a van or other vehicle that you can not easily see inside of. You never know who could be waiting for you to return to your vehicle inside that van next to you. I would say that if you cant see inside the vehicle next to you stay away until help arrives. Even in your everyday shopping routine without any type of lockout or other emergency it is always a good idea to be aware of what is parked next to you.

Here in Florida, weather is often a huge factor to consider when your locked out of your vehicle as well. You can be dealing with everything from extreme heat to thunder and lightning. Make sure that the person who is responding to your emergency is able to reach you in a short amount of time and let them know where you will be waiting.

A lockout or other emergency is never on the top of the list of fun things to do, but with a little thought ahead of time of how you will deal with it when and if it happens you will find yourself prepared and less stressed when it occurs.

We thought you’d like know….

Stay safe Citrus county!

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