Non transponder car keys and your VIN. This will save you money!

Did you know that if your car uses a Standard key, (Meaning it does not use a computer chip (transponder) key or programming) then 1 Able Locksmith can save you a lot of money if you have lost your key here in Citrus County, FL. We get several calls a week from people who own vehicles that do not use the transponder system. Although we would love to have their business, we send them to the dealership. It is our policy to save our customers money and we will not charge them to make a key that they could get much cheaper elsewhere. Let me explain.

When a vehicle is manufactured, it is given a number. This number is known as a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. The VIN is located on the drivers side dash and can be viewed from the outside of the vehicle through the front drivers windshield of the vehicle. It is also on your title and registration. The information that is contained within the VIN can be very valuable to the owner of the vehicle if they have lost their car keys because it contains the Key Code for their vehicle along with other important information concerning the vehicle. A dealership can type the VIN in their computer and give the owner ( free of charge)  this information, as it belongs to them as the owner of the vehicle. The dealership will ask for the registration and drivers license to determine ownership. Once ownership is established, the owner should request what is known as a Key Code. We suggest you write this code in your owners manual or keep it somewhere with the vehicles other important papers as this information can save the owner a lot of time and money should they lose the key to their vehicle. But wait, it gets better!

If a vehicle owner looses the key to their vehicle, the dealership can also cut a key on the spot for much cheaper than a local locksmith can as there is no service fee or time spent to determine the code or cuts of the key manually. What would otherwise cost the owner $125.00 and up from a local locksmith, the dealership will usually charge between $5.00- $12.00.

It’s one more way our customers save time and money!

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Stay safe Citrus County!


Keeping keys safe on Citrus county waterways




Tubing down the river

Tubing in Citrus county Florida

Citrus county Florida offers many opportunities for water lovers to enjoy beautiful lakes, rivers and springs. As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are drawn to these beautiful shores to picnic, boat or fish. Quite often during the summer months 1 Able Locksmith gets calls from these folks who find themselves without their car keys when its time to return home. Some of the most popular spots in the county include the KP Hole at rainbow river in Dunnellon Florida. The crystal clear, slow moving water makes this the perfect place to drift down the river on inner tubes but it is also one of the top spots people loose their car keys while doing so. Fort Island Trail Beach is a popular destination on the Gulf of Mexico in Crystal River, Florida. It’s sandy beaches and Gulf waters draw large visitiors from all over the world. The beautiful sand beach and the cooling Gulf waters have claimed more than one set of keys from unsuspecting visitors. Traveling into Old Homosassa  Florida is like taking a trip into the past with all the natural beauty and many waterways. Here you can swim with the Manatees, tour or fish  the Homosassa river, dine in one of the many waterfront cafes and enjoy old fashioned Florida hospitatlity. Many a boat launch there have claimed visitors keys as well. If you travel into the Inverness Florida area you will find a gorgeous chain of lakes known as Tsala Apopka. This unique area travels from Inverness into Hernando and surrounding areas through canals and each little lake that makes up this wonderful chain is unique, offering great fishing and plenty of opportunity to spot wildlife that call the area home. The Withlacoochee river offers miles and miles of natural beauty and is a fisherman and birdwatchers paradise. There are several boat launches in Hernando, Florida and many a fisherman has called to have keys made after dropping their keys into these waters. With so many wonderful choices, ( the places listed are just a few of the choices) of where to spend your time on the water in Citrus county, comes the many opportunities to loose your keys in one of them. Here are a few tips to make sure your relaxing day at your favorite watering hole doesn’t turn into a frantic evening of searching for your keys to get home.

It is helpful to carry a floating key chain to place your keys in while your in or around the water. If you do drop your keys in the water this type of key chain will float to the top as opposed to your keys sinking to the bottom never to be seen again.

Many people use a magnetic key holder and attach it somewhere under the hood of their vehicle or under the frame of the car itself. This is a common practice that we do not recommend, as thieves are well aware of this tactic and can search and find your keys, making your car and home vulnerable to burgalry.

Remember that water can move things in ways that you would not think it could. For example, some people wear their keys on a necklace around their necks while floating down the river on inner tubes or swimming. The same is true if you put your keys in your pocket. The water as you dive under can lift the chain off your neck or move the key out of a pocket without you noticing it and the keys are gone.

You can also use water proof bags to place keys, cell phones, wallets and other valuables in while your on the water. The problem with this type of storage is you must keep an eye that they dont float away while your not looking and you must insure that the bag you use is truely watertight. Some transponder keys and remotes will become useless after coming into contact with moisture so it is important to keep them dry.

Even when you have done everything you can to protect your keys from becoming lost or damaged, accidents can and do happen. We recommend keeping the number to your local locksmith, who is experienced in making and programming keys, handy in your cell phone. Many times a locksmith will tell you they can make you a key. They will arrive at your location, charge you a service call and then are unable to actually make you a working key. If you are in Citrus county Florida or surrounding area, 1 Able locksmith has the experience and equipment to make and program transponder keys for most foreign and domestic automobiles. We also carry most key blanks for non transponder key systems as well. With over 40 years automotive experience, you can rest assured your problem will be resolved quickly.

We thought you’d like to know…..

Stay safe Citrus county!

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