Does my Audi use a High Security Laser Cut Key?

High Security Keys

High Security Key

  The following is an alphabetical list of automobiles using high security laser cut keys made by Audi. High Security Laser cut keys are also known as Sidewinder keys. A good number of Audi’s utilize a High Security Laser Cut key. High Security Laser cut keys are also known as Sidewinder keys due to the snakelike groove cut into the key. High security keys are made of a thicker metal than a normal key and will have the groove cut into both sides of the key by a machine known as a laser cutter. Some high security laser cut keys will also require programming. We have labeled those vehicles that require programming as High Security/Transponder.

Audi’s Official Website contains many how to videos helping consumers learn more about the various features offered for their vehicle and how to customize these features. Click the Audi official website link to be taken to their site.

Some models of Audis take a dealer FOB. You can usually obtain these FOBs from a reputable automotive locksmith or the dealership.

The make, model and year are listed along with the type of key required and whether or not the key also needs to be programmed for each model and year. Some model years may overlap and a manufacturer may use either combination in the same year. In cases where they overlap, we suggest you call the dealer or local automotive locksmith with your VIN number to find out which system your particular vehicle uses. Some high security laser cut keys also contain a transponder chip and require programming. We have listed this type key as High Security/Transponder. You will see High Security for all other keys not requiring programming.

*Please Note*
Some keys requiring programming are considered Mfg Restricted Codes and can only be programmed by the dealer.

*Consumer warning* Programming Audi’s is a risk as there is no sure way to know whether or not “reading” the pin code will work. The dealers cant help the locksmith and the manufacturer don’t want to.


                     Model                          Year                              Key


A3 2006-2015 High Security/Transponder
A4, Avant, Cabriolet 2002-2007 High Security/Transponder
A4 & S4 2006-2015 High Security/Transponder
A4, S4, TT, Allroad Quattro 1995-2005 High Security
A5,S5 2008-2015 High Security/Transponder
A6,S6 2001-2005 High Security/Transponder
A6,S6,Allroad Quattro 2006-2015 High Security/Transponder
A8 1997-2000 High Security
A8,S8 2001-2015 High Security/Transponder
Allroad Quattro 1999-2005 High Security/Transponder
Q5, Q7 3.6, 4.2 2007-2015 High Security/Transponder
R6, S4, Avant 2004-2007 High Security/Dealer only
S4, Avant, Cabriolet 2006-2007 High Security
RS4 Sedan 2006-2008 Dealer Only
RS6 S4,Avant 2004-2007 Dealer Only
S4- Avant,Cabriolet,Sedan 2006-2007 High Security
S6,S8,Sedan 2005-2007 High Security
TT Coupe, Roadster 2000-2015 High Security/Transponder


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