Does my car use a High Security Laser key?

High Security Keys

High Security Keys

The day you pick up your brand new vehicle is an exciting day. When you are handed your new car keys, you are most likely not thinking about the type of key it is or how much it will cost to replace your new key should it become lost.

Automobile manufacturers today use different types of keys on various makes and models. While some manufacturers use a transponder key, others have chosen the high security laser cut keys, also known as a sidewinder key.

Some manufacturers have chosen to put out vehicles that are both a high security laser cut key that is also a transponder key, that requires programming. The cost to you to replace these keys can be costly. We highly recommend that before you leave the dealership with your new car that you ask them for the Key Code and the Pin Code for your new vehicle. Once you get the codes from the dealer, write it down in your owners manual. If you do misplace or damage your key and need to call a locksmith for a replacement, the locksmith will need this information to generate your new key.  Having the key code and pin code available will save the locksmith a lot of time and save you money. If your locksmith needs to contact a key code service to obtain this information it will cost more to generate a new key, sometimes as much as $40.00 to $50.00 more. Key code service costs can be saved by getting the information for your vehicle from the dealer at the time of purchase.

It is important to note a few things here so you are not unprepared when calling a locksmith to replace a lost or damaged high security key for your vehicle. First of all, the equipment costs to the locksmith to purchase the machinery, computer, software, key blanks and pin codes to cut these types of keys is not cheap. You will find in Citrus County, Florida for example, that most dealerships use a mail order company or send away to the manufacturer for your key replacement. This is not a convenient thing if you are stranded away from home. It requires your vehicle to be towed into the dealer or back to your home while you wait the three or four days for your key to arrive in the mail. Most locksmiths in our area don’t have the capability to generate and program these types of keys either because of the costs involved and the knowledge to do so. Fortunately, here in Citrus County, 1 Able Locksmith has the capability to come to your vehicle, wherever that may be to generate and program a new key for you.

You will need to check around in your area to inquire whether a locksmith that is local to you also has the necessary equipment to service your vehicle. If you are not sure whether your high security laser cut key needs to be programmed, we have published pages on our blog listing make, model and year of vehicles that use high security laser cut keys and whether they are transponder or not for your convenience. Simply locate the page that corresponds to your vehicles make. Once inside the article, locate the model and year.

If you do not see your vehicle listed within the high security section of this blog, check out our Transponder pages to determine which type of key your vehicle uses. From the start here page you can search by model for your particular vehicle. Each vehicle manufacturer is listed as it’s own page. Within the transponder pages, you will be able to determine what type of key your vehicle uses.

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