Does My Chevrolet use a Transponder Key?

keys for a Chevrolet

Does my Chevy use a transponder key?


The following is an alphabetical list of automobiles made by Chevrolet. The make, model and year are listed along with the type of key required for each one. Some model years may overlap and a manufacturer may use both systems in the same year. In cases where they overlap, we suggest you call the dealer or local automotive locksmith with your VIN number to find out which system your particular vehicle uses.

Some Chevrolet’s utilize High Security laser cut keys. See our page on High Security Chevrolet for more information on this type system.

To download users manuals and find other helpful information on your Chevrolet make and model you can visit the Official Chevrolet website here.

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Aveo, Aveo 5 2004-2010 Standard Key
Beretta, Corsica 1987-1996 Standard Key
Camaro 2010-2016 High Security/Transponder
Camaro, Z28 1989-2002 Vats Key
Cavalier 1991-2005 Standard Key
Cobalt 2005 Standard Key
Cobalt 2006-2010 Transponder Key
Corvette 1986-2004 Vats Key
Corvette 2005-2013 Dealer FOB
Cruze 2011-2016 High Security/Transponder
Epica 2004-2007 Transponder Key
Impala 2006-2013 Transponder Key
Impala 2014-2017 FOB/High Security/Transponder Key
Impala, Caprice 1989-1994 Standard Key
Impala, Caprice 1995-1996 Vats Key
Impala, Caprice 2000-2005 Standard Key
Lumina 1990-1994 Standard Key
Lumina 1990-1994 Standard Key
Lumina 1995-2001 Vats Key
Malibu 1997-2004 Standard Key
Malibu 2004-2016 Transponder Key
Metro 1998-2001 Standard Key
Monte Carlo 1983-1990 Standard Key
Monte Carlo 1995-1999 Vats Key
Monte Carlo 2000-2005 Standard Key
Monte Carlo 2006-2007 Transponder Key
Nova 1986-1988 Standard Key
Optra 2004-2007 Standard Key
Prizm 1998-2002 Standard Key
Sonic 2012-2017 FOB/High Security/Transponder
Spark 2013-2014 Standard Key
Spectrum 1985-1989 Standard Key
Sprint 1984-1988 Standard Key
Traverse 2009-2016 Transponder key
Vivant 2004-2007 Transponder Key
Volt 2011-2015 High Security

Chevrolet Vans & Trucks




Astro Van 1996-2005 Standard Key
Avalanche 2001-2006 Standard Key
Avalanche 2007-2013 Transponder Key
Blazer 1991-2006 Standard Key
Captiva Sport 2012-2015 Transponder Key
City Express 2015-2017 Transponder Key
C/K Pick Up,Silverado,Typhoon 1991-2006 Standard Key
Colorado 2004-2012 Standard Key
Colorado Crew, Extended, Regular Cab 2015-2017 FOB/Transponder Key
Equinox 2005-2006 Standard Key
Equinox 2007-2009 Transponder Key
Equinox 2010-2016 High FOB/Security/Transponder
Express 1995-2007 Standard Key
Express 2008-2014 Transponder Key
Express 2015-2017  FOB/ High Security/Transponder Key
FSR, FRR, FTR 1984-2007 Standard Key
HHR 2006-2011 Transponder Key
Lumina APV 1981-1995 Standard Key
Luv Truck 1981-1982 Standard Key
S-10 Pick up 1991-2004 Standard Key
Silverado-1500 Crew,Extended Cabs,SSR,Silverado Hybrid 2007-2013 Transponder Key
Silverado-1500 Crew,Extended Cabs,SSR,Silverado Hybrid 2014-2017 FOB/ High Security/Transponder Key
Silverado-Classic SS 2007-2014 Transponder Key
Silverado 1500,HD,SS,2500,3500 2004-2007 Standard Key
Suburban 1995-2006 Standard Key
Suburban 2007-2014 Transponder Key
Suburban 2015-2017 FOB/High Security/Transponder Key
Tahoe 2007-2014 Transponder Key
Tahoe 2015-2017 FOB/High Security/Transponder Key
Tracker 1998-2004 Standard Key
Trailblazer 2002-2009 Standard Key
Uplander Mini Van 2005-2009 Transponder Key
Ventura Van 1997-1998 Standard Key
Ventura Van 1999-2005 Transponder Key
W4,W5, Kodiac Trucks 1991-2005 Standard Key
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