Does My Volvo Use a High Security Laser Cut Key?

High Security Keys

High Security Keys

The following is an alphabetical list of automobiles made by Volvo that use a high security laser cut key.

High Security Laser cut keys are also known as Sidewinder keys due to the snakelike groove cut into the key. They are made of a thicker metal than a normal key and will have the groove cut into both sides of the key by a machine known as a laser cutter.

Some high security laser cut keys also contain a transponder chip and require programming as well. Some Volvo vehicles use a high security key that can only be produced by the dealer. We have listed this type key as Dealer Key.

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240 Series, DL, GL 1981-1993 Standard Key
740 1985-1991 Standard Key
760, 780 1984-1987 Standard Key
760, 780 1988-1992 High Security
850GLT 1993-1997 High Security
900 Series 1991-1997 High Security
C30, S40 2007-2013 Dealer Only/High Security/Transponder
C70, S80 1998 High Security
C70, S80 1999-2004 Dealer/High Security/Transponder
C70, S80 2006-2008 Dealer/High Security
S40, V40 2000-2008 Dealer/High Security
S60R, V70R, S60, XC70 2004-2008 Dealer Key/High Security/ Transponder
S70, V70 1998 High Security
S70, V70 1999-2008 Dealer/High Security
S80 2004-2008 Dealer/High Security
S90, V90 1998 High Security
V50 2006-2012 Dealer Key
V70 2006-2008 Dealer Key
XC70/90 SUV 2004-2008 Dealer/High Security


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