Not all locks are created equal



ANSI Rated Lock

You cant judge a Lock by its cover either

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in their favorite local hardwares’ lock section knows the choices available can be overwhelming. After all, the choice you make will determine the security and piece of mind you and your family enjoy in your home. So how can you choose the best lock for your home? In this article I will discuss the various types of locks available and describe the differences and applications. Armed with this knowledge, you can then make the best choice when deciding on the right locks for your particular needs.

Not all locks are created equal. The American National Standards Institute or ,ANSI, rates locks on 3 common standards, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. These ratings are based on a range of performance features. ANSI rates how well the locks resist forceful entry tests, and whether their finishes hold up well over extended periods of time.

  • Grade 1 locks are heavy duty commercial locks.These locks are typically not a good application for home use.
  •  Grade 2 locks are designed for light commercial use but would provide good protection for homes as well.
  • Grade 3 locks are rated for light residential use. Grade 3 locks are what you typically find at your local hardware store. (along with a lot of locks that carry no ANSI rating at all)

Most locks sold to homeowners are grade 3 locks or have no ANSI rating at all. ANSI graded locks often cost a little more than locks that dont have an ANSI rating or no rating at all but the added security is well worth the money.

There are certain companies who offer high-security locks. A high-security lock is one that provides a high level of security to most types of attack such as drilling, sawing, wrenching, picking and bumping. In most cases, these high security locks will be more expensive and will carry an Underwriters Laboratory or UL rating. High security locks will have two or more means of protection. They contain hardened drill resistant inserts and have patented keys. Medeco, ASSA and Mul-T-Lock are a few examples of high security locks.


Whether you choose to install Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 or even high security locks your local locksmith can provide you with the locks, installation and information you need to secure all the things that matter most to you.

I hope this article has been helpful in deciding which lockset is the right choice for you.

Stay safe Citrus county!

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The dangers of a Double Cylinder Deadbolt



Double Sided DeadboltFor many years my wife and I served as volunteer firefighters. As you can imagine, the training involved in becoming a firefighter was extensive. Each and every class always started the same way. Safety, Safety, Safety. It was drilled into us from day one and it stuck with us as we entered each and every burning building.

You may wonder what an old firefighters training has to do with deadbolts. The answer to this question just may save you and your families lives.

Imagine this very real and very possible scenerio. You and your family are sound asleep in your beds when the smoke detector (please tell me you have one!) goes off. As you are waking up you smell smoke and as you open the bedroom door you see flames engulfing your living room. You immediatly race to the kids room to wake them up and get them out. (If you have an elderly person who may only get around by wheelchair, or is on oxygen this scenerio gets even worse). As you run down the hallway the flames are getting hotter and spreading into the kitchen. The family struggles to find shoes and perhaps a coat to go out into the night and escape the flames and smoke. The kids dont want to leave behind the beloved pet, stuffed toy, barbie doll and you must keep pushing them to hurry and get out. You finally get them up and moving toward the door as the smoke burns your eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Tears are running down your face from the smoke making it hard to see and time is running out.

house fire

Not a pretty picture is it? It is at that moment that you will be thankful for this article and the advice it offers. You see, if you get to that door and that door has a double sided deadbolt, you now need to go back to where ever you keep your keys, because without that key you cant get out through the door.

We never recommend installing double-sided (keyed on both interior and exterior sides) deadbolts. Some homeowners desire double-sided deadbolts when there is glass in the door or in close proximity that would allow a potential intruder to break the glass, reach in, and unlock a single-sided lock. Other than the fact that a key must be used to unlock the door from the interior, double-sided locks provide no greater security than a single-sided one.

Ultimately, of course, the choice is yours. We just thought you’d like to know…

We though you’d like to know….

Stay safe Citrus county!

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Citrus County Crime Report


Lock out Crime

Citrus county Sheriffs lock out crime campaign

The Citrus county Sheriffs Office has reported 14 crimes between 2/18/2012 and 2/24/2012 involving theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, assault, homicide, robbery, weapons crimes, vehicle break ins. In an ongoing effort to keep the citizens of Citrus county aware of the crime around them, the Citrus county Sheriffs office posts these crimes on their website under the heading Crimemapping. Here is the link to the Citrus county Sheriffs crimemapping website:  We at 1 Able Locksmith support our local Sheriffs Office and repost this information in an effort to help make our neighbors and customers aware of the crime in our area.

It appears that the majority of burglarys have occured in unoccupied buildings. A good many of these crimes are taking place in broad daylight, in the middle of the day.

We thought you’d like to know…

Stay safe Citrus county!

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Transponder Keys for Citrus county Florida



1 Able Locksmiths Transponder Key Programmer

Transponder Key Programming Equipment

A Transponder Key is a radio transmitted receiver used by car makers as an anti theft device for automobiles. The Car or Truck has an antenna ring, usually around the ignition area. The key blank contains a chip which when inserted into the ignition, allows the antenna ring to read the code embedded in the chip. The antenna ring puts out a signal when the key is inserted into the ignition lock, it looks for the companion key, and allows the vehicle to start. Only a key programmed to that particular vehicle will start the engine of that vehicle, thus making it less prone to theft. The transponder key is programmed into the car computer at the factory. If the vehicle’s computer does not receive the correct key identification response when the key is turned to the on position, the car will not start. If a key is lost or damaged for this type of vehicle, a new key can be produced by a locksmith who has the transponder programming equipment. In Citrus county Florida, 1 Able Locksmith has the training and equipment needed to produce transponder keys.

When buying a vehicle that uses a transponder key, it’s a good idea to have another programmed key made. Sometimes keys are lost or damaged, so having a second programmed transponder key is important. It is important to make sure the second key is programmed to your vehicle in order for it to be a working key.

The vehicle owner having a problem with his/her ignition or key should always contact a locksmith with automotive locksmith experience to resolve any problems. Once the antenna ring is damaged the price for repair can be very costly compared to the price of having a locksmith fix the original problem. I personally have seen many transponder key issues made worse by the vehicle owner trying to resolve the problem themselves and damaging the antenna ring around the ignition.

Many people call us when they have lost the keys to their vehicle. One of the first things we ask is if their vehicle takes a transponder key. Quite often people are unaware of which key their vehicle uses. One of the easiest ways to tell if your vehicle uses a transponder key is by the key itself. A transponder key has a large plastic black or grey head. This is the area on the top of the key that holds the chip. A non transponder key will not usually have this hard plastic head, instead it will be a flat silver or brass regular key. The Pictures below demonstrate the look of each key. Notice the difference on the tops of the keys?

Non Transponder key

Non Transponder Key Blanks


Transponder Key

Transponder Style Key Blank







We can also determine whether your vehicle is a transponder style system with our specialized software program. Sometimes a vehicle maker will use transponder or non transponder on the same model made in the same year. If you have one of those vehicles that could be either system we suggest calling the dealership with your vehicle registration number or VIN. The dealer can look up your exact vehicle information using the VIN.

If you live in Inverness, Hernando, Crystal River, Dunnellon, Lecanto, Beverly Hills, Floral City, Homosassa, Inglis or Yankeetown here in Citrus county Florida, we can save you money on all your transponder key programming needs.

We thought you’d like to know…

Stay safe Citrus county!

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Rekey VS. Replace locks



1 Able locksmith can rekey your existing locks

Did you know that your door knob locks and your deadbolt locks can be rekeyed cheaper than they can be replaced? We here at 1 Able locksmith are on a mission to save our neighbors here in Citrus county Florida money. That is why we tell our customers about our rekey services.

1 Able Locksmith gets several calls a week asking us to replace locks because the keys have been given to someone who shouldn’t have a key. We tell our customers that if the locks are functioning properly, we can rekey the existing locks so that the lock will no longer work using the old key. This saves our customers money over having to purchase and install new door locks while providing the security of having new keys for your old locks.

1 Able locksmith just thought you’d like to know…

Stay Safe Citrus county!

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