Home Security Systems- A Consumer Guide

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We recently received an email from Chad at Reviews.com concerning extensive research into the many popular home security systems available on the market today. Chad writes “Our team at Reviews.com has completed an extensive study comparing the Best Home Security Systems for 2018. Our resource not only rates some of the best home security options of 2018 but it also includes a review of ADT security service and advice for ordering, installing, and using the top home security systems. After testing and comparing these security systems for 3 months we created our resource as an assistance guide.”

If you are considering having a home security system installed and are finding the choices overwhelming, this resource may be of great assistance to you in making the right decision. Click the link to find out more.  Home Security System Research Results

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Stay Safe Citrus County!

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We Save our customers cash on ADT Home Security Systems!

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ADT Home Security

ADT Home Security System

We here at 1 Able Locksmith are always looking for ways to save our customers money. We use ADT and now we have partnered with ADT to bring our customers savings on ADT Home security systems. Click the link below to receive 20% off equipment and installation on a new ADT Security System.

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Stay safe Citrus County!


Protecting your Citrus county business!

Turn on any television or pick up a newspaper anywhere in the country and you soon discover that theft is on the rise. Here in Citrus county, Florida the sheriffs office is helping citizens and businesses fight back by providing resources that we can all use.

The Citrus county Sheriff’s office has a program designed specifically to help business owners in our area. This program is free and easy to use and enables the sheriffs office to respond to the security needs of the businesses in our area in an organized and timely fashion.

I have enclosed the form needed to partner with the sheriff’s office here for your convenience because like you and the sheriffs office, 1 Able locksmith strives to promote security for you, your families, businesses and our community.



Citrus county Sheriff



    PHONE 352 726-4488


      Sheriff’s Star Program

A Free Service for our Business Community!


Dear Business Owner,

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has a free program called the Sheriff’s Star. After registering for the program, a decal is placed in the front window of your business. On that decal is a number that is linked to a Sheriff’s database. That database contains contact information for your business. In the event of an emergency after hours,a deputy could use that information to contact you or a designee. To enroll in the program, please complete the information below.

Business Information:

Name of person completing this form:


Do you have a current Star number in the window? Yes    No

If Yes, what is the #:____________

Business Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________ Zip Code:___________________________

Business Phone #: (______) ______-___________ Business Fax #: (______) ______-___________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Information:

First Contact: Name: __________________________________________________________

Phone #1: (______) ______-___________

Phone #2: (______) ______-___________

Second Contact: Name: __________________________________________________________

Phone #1: (______) ______-___________

Phone #2: (______) ______-___________

Third Contact: Name: __________________________________________________________

Phone #1: (______) ______-___________

Phone #2: (______) ______-___________

Fax this form to 352-746-6696 or mail it to: Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

                                                                   ATTN: Star Program Coordinator

                                                                1 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

                                                                        Inverness, Florida 34450

For a FREE Crime Prevention Survey of your business, please call the Crime Prevention Division at 726-4488.


CCSO Form 05/2008

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Stay safe Citrus county!


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U.S Dept of Homeland Security

Your security is at the very heart of what we do here at 1 Able Locksmith. We constantly conduct research in an effort to keep our customers up to date on the latest locksmith news, security hardware and trends that affect the security of your homes and businesses here in Citrus county. I recently discovered some very interesting information from the U.S Department of Homeland Security. Did you know that each state has it’s own branch of Homeland Security? Here is the contact information for Florida:

Mark Perez, Homeland Security Advisor
PO Box 1489
Tallahassee, Fla.

We also found very detailed information for your business security at:

The information that this site provides is something every business owner in Citrus county can use to keep your businesses secure. Just click on the links below to be taken directly to the websites mentioned above if you would like more information.