Does My Hyundai use a High Security Laser key?

High Security Keys

High Security Keys

The following is an alphabetical list of automobiles made by Hyundai that use High Security Laser Cut keys. The make, model and year are listed along with the type of key required for each one.

Some Hyundai high security laser cut keys also have transponder chips and will need programming. We indicate these models with High Security/Transponder. If your vehicle is not on the list below, please see our Hyundai Transponder page to determine which type of key your vehicle uses.

You may also visit the Hyundai Official website for more information on your particuar Hyundai. Here you can download owners manuals, chat with other Hyundai owners and more.

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Model  Year                                                    Key
Accent 2012-2013 High Security
Azera 2006-2011 High Security/Transponder
Elantra Touring 2011-2012 High Security
Equus 2011-2013 High Security/Transponder
Genesis Coupe W/ prox 2010  FOB
Genesis W/O Prox 4 Door 2009-2010 High Security/Transponder
Sante Fe 2013 High Security
Sonata w/Reg Key 2011-2013 High Security
Tuscon 2012-2013 High Security/Transponder
Veloster 2012-2013 High Security

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