Battenfield Technologies Recalls 3 digit locking handgun vaults

Recalled handgun safe

Battenfield Technologies Recalls 3 digit locking handgun vaults due to faulty locking mechanism.

If you own one of these gun vaults you may obtain more information by following the link below.

This recall includes compact and large handgun security vaults. The lock can fail allowing unintended access to weapons.

Contact Battenfeld Technologies Inc., toll free at (877) 509-9160 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Product Recall.”

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GM Recalls Midsize SUV’s for door lock issues


GM 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazers

GM Recalls 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazers

It has come to our attention that GM is recalling 249,269 midsize SUV’s sold in 20 states. The states involved in the recall are those states considered to be in the “salt belt”.  Even though Florida is not one of the states specifically involved in the recall, we here in Citrus county have many residents who live here on a part time basis, or have traveled here and have purchased their vehicles from one of the states involved.

According to GM, the recall covers 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT and GMC Envoy XL, as well as 2006-2007 Trailblazers, Envoy, Buick Rainier, Saab 9-7x and Isuzu Ascender sold in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia are all part of this recall.

GM has said that fluid can get inside the drivers door module and cause corrosion that can cause a short in the circuit boards and potentially cause a fire. Some reports indicate that fires have started from this problem while the vehicle is keyed off and unattended.

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Honda recalling over 172,000 vehicles for door latch issue

We here at 1 Able Locksmith are always on the lookout for locksmith news that may affect our customers here in Citrus and Marion County. It has come to our attention that Honda is recalling more than 321,000 small SUVs and cars across the globe, because the doors may not close. The recall affects 314,000 CR-V small SUVs from the 2012 model year and about 7,300 Acura ILX small luxury cars from the 2013 model year.

Honda says that if the inside driver or passenger door handles are used at the same time as the power or manual door locks, the inner door latch may not work. This means a door may not latch, or it could latch and open when the locks are used. The company says no crashes or injuries have been reported because of the problem.

The recall includes 166,600 CR-Vs and more than 6,200 ILXs in the U.S.
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Honda door lock recall

Honda recalls some models for faulty door locks.

A night in the life of an Inverness, Florida locksmith



Citrus county locksmith attacked by dog

Locksmith 1 / Dog 0

Just like all good scary stories, it was a rainy, windy, dark night in July and I had just came home from a long hot day of running from one service call to another in the unbearable Florida heat. I was just turning on the television to get caught up with the news of the day when my phone rang yet again. It was an elderly gentleman locked out of his car. He was asking that I come as soon as I could because he had dinner plans in Inverness and he needed to be on the road very shortly.

I took down his information and out the door I went into the stormy night. As I punch his address into my GPS, I knew I was heading into a section of my service area that is heavily wooded with no street lights. As I drive into the night, thunder and lightning are lighting up the sky as the wind blows leaves and debris into my path. The moss hanging from the forest canopy only added to the natural drama unfolding this dark night. I knew that as challenging as this area was during a clear day to spot an address on a home back in this area, I was in for a real treat on this gloomy night.

As I arrived at the residence, I was relieved to see a porch light on as I drove up the driveway to this secluded home. There in the driveway was the car I had come to open up. I took my flashlight from under my seat and started for the front door of the home to let the owner know I had arrived. Half way to the door I caught a glimpse of a large dark object racing towards me. I couldn’t make out quite what it was at first but as it got closer I heard over the top of the noise from the wind  snarling, growling and then barking. It was at that moment I knew I was about to have to defend myself against a very large, vicious dog. I take a quick look around and discovered that I had no time to make it back to my truck, as the angry dog got closer and closer. I thought about using the flashlight in my hand to hit the dog, but decided that the customer would probably frown on me injuring or killing his dog so I did the only other thing that came to mind. As the dog came up to me snarling and barking I  bent down to his level and with the scariest growl/snarl I could muster I began to growl back at the dog. I was in absolute shock when the dog tucked his tail between his legs and turned around to go back to the dark shadows of the sideyard where he had come from. As the dog was running away, the owner stepped out the front door and yelled out “be careful of that dog he bites!”  Yeah I know, I told the old guy, we’ve met already. He asked me what I had done to the dog and as I told him how I growled back he laughed and apologized.

Once I got his vehicle open he asked me for a business card. As I handed it to him, I kindly requested that he insure the dog was on the chain next time. I told him I was not sure that same tactic would work the next time.

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Securing your vaction home in Citrus county



lakes and forest in Citrus county Florida

Citrus county, Florida

Citrus county is one of the few areas here in Florida where natural wetlands and beautiful woodlands remain untouched. With hundreds of acres of lakes, rivers, streams and the Gulf of Mexico to surround the many state and county forests here, Citrus county is one of Florida’s true secret gems. It is no wonder so many people retire to this beautiful tropical sanctuary from their frozen homesteads up north. Citrus county has a large population of homeowners who live in the area during the winter months and return to their northern homes in the summer. This migration of “snowbirds” presents a special security challenge not only for the homeowners who leave their homes empty for part of the year, but also for the law enforcement officials and fire departments who protect them.

Unoccupied homes are an attractive target to not only burglars, vandals and thieves, but also to the homeless, who see the empty house as part time shelter. So with so many different threats, what is a homeowner to do? We suggest that homeowners utilize a number of resources and tactics to protect their property while they are away.

The first resource we suggest would be to contact the Citrus county sheriff’s office and request a free security inspection while the homeowner is still here in Florida. The Citrus county Sheriffs office serves Inverness, Hernando, Crystal River, Homosassa, Beverly Hills, Lecanto, Floral City, Holder, Dunnellon, Citrus Springs and Citrus Hills here in Citrus county. There are a number of locksmiths in the area that provide this service as well, but most charge for this service. The sheriffs office will send a deputy, armed with the statistics of how most breakins occur in the area, to your property, at no cost to the homeowner and will inspect your house, the windows, doors, garage and outside structures and grounds to identify any areas that may require attention. They also offer a program called vacation watch. You can print and send a form to be added to this special program in for their vacation watch program. Bringing in the sheriffs department for an inspection also gives you the opportunity to let the sheriffs department know that you are not in the home for part of the year and gives you the chance to give them your contact information in the event something happens on your property while your away. If you have given a key to a neighbor, you will want to let the sheriffs office know who has the key. Giving the Sheriffs office your contact information will enable law enforcement to notify you right away in the event something happens, as well as provide you with an extra set of eyes watching your home while your away.

Once you have given the sheriffs department the heads up that you are not at your home for part of the year, it is a good idea to let a trusted neighbor(s) know when you will be gone. A neighbor is likely to be the first one to spot an intruder in your home and notify police. If you have a neighbor who is trustworthy, you may want to give them a key to the house while your gone so that if something does happen and law enforcement or the fire department needs to enter the residence while your away, they can do so without damaging a door or window to get in. Notify your neighbor of anyone who is allowed on the property while your gone. For example if you allow grown children to be there when your away or if you hire a pool company or lawn service to maintain the property, let your neighbors know who is allowed to be there. If they spot someone they were not told about, they know to notify the police. Most homeowners who leave their homes empty for part of the year close all blinds and curtains while they are away. While this does work to keep valuables out of site, it also blocks neighbors and law enforcement from being able to easily see if someone is inside the home. You may consider leaving a curtain open in a window facing the road, or the neighbors home, so neighbors can spot someone in the home. If someone is in the home at night, it may difficult for a neighbor to detect a lamp or flashlight being used inside the home with all the curtains closed. On the other hand if you leave a curtain open, a neighbor watching your property can easily detect light coming from your home and call authorities.If you choose to leave a curtain open, it is a good idea to keep expensive electronics and other valuables out of the range of view of the window.

If you have a central heat and air unit, pool pump and filter or other appliances outside your home, we suggest having these items secured as well. You can either take these units inside a garage or storage shed while your away or have a security cage installed to protect those items. Storing your appliances of course involves considerable time and effort to dismantle when your getting ready to leave and requires reassembly when you return. We offer another option here at 1 Able Locksmith. We sell and install air conditioner security cages that bolt to the concrete pad under your A/C unit and provide a way to “lock up” your unit. These cages not only work for A/C units but can be adjusted to fit pool filter systems and other appliances you may have in your yard as well. The price to purchase and install these security cages is much cheaper than the insurance deductible.

Lastly,one of the most important resources you have at your disposal are your door and window locks themselves. Not all locks are created equal. For example, many of the locks widely available at local hardware stores can be opened by a method known as bumping. This method of opening a lock has long been held as a locksmiths secret weapon. Today, thanks to the internet, the secret is out and the internet is full of videos that teach thieves this quick and easy method to gain entry into your home. Once this old locksmith trade secret became known to the public, some lock manufacturers stepped up and created their locks to be bump resistant. Schlage locks are a good example of a lock that is highly resistant to bumping. There are several other lock manufacturers that offer this type of protection. A good local locksmith can add bump proofing pins to your existing locks to render them bump resistant as well.

Burglary and vandalism will likely never be prevented entirely, but with proactive forethought, a little preventative action and the use of the resources available to you, you have a fighting chance to keep the things you have worked so hard to get secure while your away.


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Need a locksmith in Inverness, Crystal River, Homosassa, Hernando, Lecanto, Dunnellon, Beverly Hills or Floral City?


 5 Star Service 

 I have posted this video here to introduce myself and my company to you. If you live in Inverness, Crystal River, Homosassa, Hernando, Floral City, Beverly Hills Florida, Lecanto or Ocala, you have probably seen one of my service trucks running around. I service all of Citrus county Florida and I would appreciate your business the next time your in need of locksmith services.

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The exciting world of a Citrus county locksmith



Ok, so there is nothing exciting or intriquing about locksmithing. It is kind of a cut and dry craft that people really would rather not have to deal with. After all, if you find yourself in need of a locksmith, something bad has usually happened right? I mean you have either had a lock break, or you are locked out of your home, car or business, or even worse, someone has broken into your home, car or business and now your needing to replace damaged locks, and now you are thinking a little more seriously about your security needs. In most cases people dont call a locksmith unless they are forced into the situation. In fact, some people are not even aware there is a locksmith in their community until the worse happens. I have been called into many situations where the customer calling is not really thrilled to see me. After all I am going to have to charge him for something that wont bring a lot of thrills and excitement to his life. Although the new locks I install are shiny and bright, my customers wont be wearing them to the next big neighborhood block party to impress their friends.

Very few of my customers like me on facebook and while a good number have, even fewer have taken the time to go to my website and leave comments on how thrilled and excited they are with their new door locks or car key. Although they appreciate my prices and express their gratitude for my help, they are not going to be telling their friends and neighbors how much fun we had together and I have yet to be invited to a customers next big office party to wow their coworkers with my exciting tales from the field.

I am much like the Maytag repairman on the old tv commericial who sits in his office and waits and waits for the phone to ring. Unlike the repairman, my wait isnt long; because unlike the maytag washer that seldom breaks down, people will always have problems with locks, lose their keys, have families, businesses and other valuables they need to protect.

If you live in Citrus county Florida, it only takes a quick look in the locksmith section of the yellow pages to discover there are, at any given time, 13 to 18 locksmiths in the county. I am sure that they can all relate to this article and any one of them can provide the same services that I do. The difference between them and I vary from company to company. For instance, I have received many calls in the early morning hours. I have been told by the person calling that they have called everyone in the county and gotten voice mail or no response. I sleep with the phone next to my head and answer it regardless of the time. Another important difference to my customers is the prices I charge. I dont charge anymore for early morning than I do for mid afternoon. It wont cost you $30.00 more to wake me up. I also have customers who have called and something is wrong with their lock. They have no idea what is wrong, they only know their lock doesn’t work properly. Most locksmiths see this as an opportunity to increase the bill by charging that customer for a new lock even if the problem with that lock can be repaired. I carry what my wife calls useless junk in my vehicle. There are a number of components to a lock and something as simple as a tiny stretched out spring can cause big problems. If I can use a part from another lock to repair a broken lock and save the customer some money I will. By the way, I have convinced my wife that these extra parts I carry are not worthless junk after many customers came to the website and left comments about how impressed they were that I did not sell them a new lock but fixed their old ones. Speaking of websites, there is another huge difference between companies. I have a website with a guest book that I encourage my customers to go to and leave comments for other potential customers concerning their experience with my company. Since I have started this website, there is one company who has done the same thing. Customer testamonials play an important part to someone who is in need of security services and doesn’t know who to turn to. There are differences between these companies in a legal sense as well. I carry a $1,000,000.00 liability and automotive insurance in the event that something goes drastically wrong. I carry the paperwork in my vehicle with me and can produce it when asked for it. This is important to my customers only if something goes wrong but if something were to go wrong with another company, and that company wasnt covered, the customer has very little recourse. It is important to me that my customers know that my concern for their security doesn’t stop at their front door. There are of course many other differences from company to company and the choice to use one over another is clearly up to you.

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Installing an Electric Strike to your doors


Electric Strike

Push the button to unlock the door

We have all seen electric strike devices in action. Doctors offices and emergency rooms are a good example of this type of mechanism. Electric strikes are also known as electric door openers or electronic door releases and are a very good way to control traffic and make frequently used doors more secure and convenient. An electric strike is mounted in the frame of the door and uses electricity to either hold or release a latch. Most styles of locks can be used with an electric strike. A remote switch or buzzer is used to activate or deactivate the strike causing the door to lock or unlock. The switch can be placed as near or far away from the door as you need it to be. Switches are often placed near or at a desk to make it convenient for a worker to open or close a door from across the room. This allows for good traffic control and unauthorized entrance to areas that need to be secured. Electric strikes are not overly complicated devices, but there are many factors to consider when purchasing or installing them. They are highly “pick” and “shake” resistant and can have a long maintenance free life when properly installed and powered. The fact that electric power is used for its operation does not make it an electrical appliance. In cases where an existing current is used, a strike must be selected to match it. Electric Strikes are suitable for aluminum, steel or wood jambs and are designed to fit jambs as shallow as 1-3/16″. The American Standards Institute or ANSI, 161.1 requires that the centerline of the lock’s latchbolt and the centerline fot the strike be the same distance above the floor. Since most electric strikes are built with the bolt retainer jaw in the center of the faceplate, the door frame face will require very little modification to permit installation of an electric strike using cylindrical type locks. In mortise type lock applications ANSI 115.1 requires that the centerline of the lock’s cutout in the door be 3/8″ below the centerline of the strikes location in the frame. Another thing to consider when installing an electric strike is the electricity component of the strike. The first electrical factor to determine is the duty of the door. If a door is normally locked and is released just for a few moments from time to time, then it is considered intermittent duty. Intermittent applications generally use 24 V AC. This gives enough power for almost any entrance and the low voltage range is low enough to keep it from falling under the supervision of building codes or Underwriters Laboratory requirements. On the other hand if the door is rarely used but is unlocked for longer periods of time when opened, the duty is considered continuous. Continuous duty is defined by the strike being energized for more than about 60 seconds at a time. Continuous duty electric strikes will require the same 115/24 V but will require a rectifier in order to allow for continuous duty. Several different manufacturers offer electric strikes. Adams Rite, Von Duprin, ASSA Abloy and Rutherford are just a few of many manufacturers and prices and features vary so it’s a good idea to check with your local locksmith to discuss your specific needs.

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